Inventory Deadstock Swedish Army Belt

Admittedly not the most eloquent way to open a blog post, but, I really like these. A lot. Vancouver’s Inventory has just added a small collection of deadstock Swedish Army Belts to its online store. Great looking, and built though as a brick sh–house, the belts are made from naturally tanned leather, and feature brass hardware and an embossed insignia and size info. Once the standard issue for the Swedish Army, these belts are now extremely hard to come by (in and out of Scandinavia, apparently), but, despite their rarity, are priced at a very reasonable $65 per (so basically a dollar per each year of wear). There are two sizes available, (110, which fits approx 28″-34″, and 120, which fits approx 34″-40″), and given the seller and limited quantities, both will likely will sell out soon.

For price and purchase info, visit the Inventory Stockroom.