WWII Impressions Navy Denim Jacket

With all due respect, Buzz Rickson, Buzz Schmickson. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge of fan of the Japanese label and its meticulous recreations of vintage American military garb. However, I am not a fan of their prices. Especially when there’s another brand selling replicas of comparable quality and detail for less than half the cost. California’s WWII Impressions has been churning out to-spec, museum-quality replica garments for almost 20 years. Completely family owned and operated, the company makes every item it sells in the US, always according to the strictest military standards. Their Denim Navy Jacket is crafted from 12 oz. indigo dyed 100% cotton denim and features a shawl collar, two hip pockets and anchor buttons. Based on an original WWII-era pattern, the jacket offers a nice bit of Naval history, and is looking to me like a great outer layer for the upcoming winter-to-spring transition. Its $70 price tag is looking pretty good to me too.

For price and purchase information, visit WWII Impressions.

  • japanese man

    hello far from Japan. i love your blog and am fan of it. its a surprise that some american people like Japanese American-oriented brands.
    yeah their works are really expensive.
    thanks for the information about wwⅱ impression. their boots look perfect!

    • http://www.commercewithaconscience.info Brad


      LOTS of American people like American-oriented Japanese brands. In fact, I’d say they’re one of the main reasons workwear is so popular here now.

      Thanks for the note, I’m glad you like the site.