Johnson Woolen Mills Button Front Vest

Much to my girlfriend’s chagrin, I’ve got a real fondness for wool vests. However, after so many years and so many wears, I’ve grown a little tired of my long-time go-to FIlson (blasphemy, I know). Fortunately, I’ve recently happened upon a worthy alternative: the Button Front Vest Johnson Woolen Mills. Varying just enough in appearance to stand-out from the Filson, the JWM vest still boasts the same quality of construction (handcrafted in Vermont) and classic styling (based on a design from the 1930s) as it’s more ubiquitous peer. Details include six buttons at the closure, four pockets on the front and an adjustable cincher in the back. There are five wools to choose from (two stripes, two solids, one herringbone), and, for all you less-than-barrel-chested types, sizes start smaller than medium (and still button on the men’s side). It appears a new go-to has been found (sorry dear).

For price and purchase info, visit Johnson Woolen Mills.

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