Anglo American Optical Eyewear

I don’t actually need glasses. I’ve always had above 20/20. And I also don’t condone the wearing of glasses for purely fashion / aesthetic reasons. I mean, why not walk around with fake crutches too, while you’re at it? All that said, I can still appreciate a good pair, and, if my parents’ eyesight is any indication, that appreciation will most likely turn into need in the next 10 to 15 years. So, consider this post me planning ahead. England’s Anglo American Optical (not to be confused with America’s American Optical), have been churning out top quality eyeglass frames for over 120 years. Using either natural cellulose acetate (a cotton derivative that is both hypo-allergenic and biodegradable) or metal alloy, the company produces every pair by hand in the UK. Styles range from classic prep, to classic mod, to classic hot damn I want those, and the pricing – relatively speaking – is pretty decent (roughly $150 per). Almost makes me excited for the inevitable slip in my vision… almost.

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  • rani

    Anglo American eyewear frames are not made in UK but China. The original factory closed down about 17 years ago! There are only 3 companies that make frames in the UK as follows:
    1.Premier Optical Service
    3.Opera Opera
    Please confirm yourself by asking to view the manufacturing sites!

    • Brad and the old Anglo American Optical website (which, since this post was published, has been completely redesigned) both state(d) that the glasses are made in the UK.

      Additionally, the following websites also list the glasses as English-made:

      If all four of those sites are wrong, then I stand corrected.

      I’ll be sure to “confirm myself” in the future, exclamation mark.

  • gareth

    I have owned 2 pairs and they are definitely made in the UK.

    • Brad

      Thanks for the intel Gareth.


  • alex

    which model is the 1st?