The Friday Find: Lumina Short-Run Sale

What’s on sale RIGHT NOW.

North Carolina’s Lumina Clothing Co. is clearing the way for its soon-to-land spring 2011 collection of lovingly handcrafted neckwear, and that means markdowns. Act now to pick up some of the company’s so-waspy-it-hurts classic and bow ties for a handsome 25% off (which is pretty huge considering how low the label’s prices are to begin with). Styles range from bright cottons to understated wools, and every one comes in a multitude of widths (2″, 2.5″ or 3.25″ at the widest for the classics, 2″ or 2.5″ at the widest for the bows). This will be the last chance to purchase a number of these, so carpe that diem. And have a great weekend.

For price and purchase information, visit Lumina Clothing Co.