Lavenham Sale at C.H.C.M. Shop

And we’re back. So, instead of posting on new products this week, I thought I’d spotlight some of (what I think are) the better after-the-holiday sales happening at the moment (might as well get while the getting’s good, right?). First up: the Lavenham clearance at New York’s excellent C.H.C.M. Shop. Founded in 1969, English brand Lavenham has long been revered as one of the UK’s foresmost makers of quilted goods. Forty years later, and the company is still producing every one of its products in its Sudbury factory (and using almost all English materials to boot). Their Denham Jacket – one of the last remaining English-made quilted jackets on the market – features a snap front, corduroy collar and timeless good looks. CHCM has three styles (two waxed finishes, one poly), as well as a tote, and all items are currently 30% off. Get ‘em while you can.

For price and purchase info, visit C.H.C.M. Shop.