Frost River Accessory Bags

Of course, I find these after publishing my 25 Under $25 gift guide. But, better to have found them late than never to have found them at all, right? Handcrafted from domestically sourced leather and heavy-weight waxed cotton, the Accessory Bags from Duluth, MN’s Frost River are as handsome as they are helpful. Available in three perfectly-sized sizes (yes, that was on purpose), the endlessly versatile holdalls are a dream come true for anyone who strives to stay organized while on the move, regardless of whether that move is taking you across town, or across the country. Finished with a “robust” zipper, and stitched to last (and last, and last), the bags have all the brawn necessary to make them lifelong travel companions, and – like all Frost River goods – will only get better with age (and use). What other $10 storage accessory can you say that about? Hint: the answer is none.

For price and purchase info, visit Frost River.