From the Tent City Archives, Vol. 3

By Jason McKenzie

Howdy Folks!

Well, it sure has taken a turn for the cold since the last time I excavated deadstock treasure from down here in the mines at Hilton’s Tent City, so this week I’ve been on the hunt for some warm duds to keep you bundled snug as the winter season rapidly approaches.

First up is an exceptionally rare treat. If you follow my Twitter [ed note: you should really be following his Twitter], I teased everybody a while back with the promise of some deadstock Filson, and here it is. This is the long discontinued Hunting Mackinaw Cruiser, style #81. It is very similar to the fit of the regular #110 Mackinaw Cruiser, except that it is only available in tall sizing. The red is much brighter than the current offering, and the wool is actually the 24 oz. Virgin Mackinaw that is used in Filson’s Double Mackinaw Cruiser #83. There is a recoil pad on the right shoulder, giving the jacket that old-timey, hunting feel. These are at least 20 years old, as there is no mention anywhere of “,” and there is also the old “Virgin Wool” tag in addition to the Filson label inside the collar. 100% Wool, made in Seattle. Sizes 40 and 46 tall. $249

How Dry I Am Navy and Red Skully cap. The interior is 100% wool, and the lining is polypropylene, giving it that nice wicking action for all my sweaty brow bros out there. I used the Federal Trade Commission’s Wool Production License Database to find out that these were made in the USA by “Reliable Knitting Works.” One size fits most, $9.

These are among my very favorite old stock finds from Hilton’s: our collection of Woolrich Chamois Shirts. These are woven with sturdy Chamois cloth, which is a lightly brushed cotton with a luxuriously soft hand. The ultimate in all day comfort, these shirts are not only iconic in their styling, but are also rugged enough for wear by tradesmen. Available in Charcoal, Red and Cornflower Blue. Size Large. Made in Pennsylvania. $50

Sorel’s Arapaho was the Kaufman Boot Company’s cold weather answer to LL Bean’s ubiquitous offering, but with a removable wool felt liner that was made in the USA. The natural rubber and leather boot is a no-lace, slip-on style that is perfect for round town use, and quick trips on icy terrain. The outer boot was handmade in Canada, making it the first non-American offering I’ve posted to CWAC, so let’s show our neighbors to the north some of that “Southern Hospitality” for which we’re all so famous. Sizes 6, 9, 12 and 13 available. $59

I usually don’t like to post one-offs to CWAC, but I found this today, and just couldn’t resist. A little wrinkly, but good as new, this is the last USA Made Woolrich Stag shirt in the store in size Large. It has a green diagonal stripe, and a cape over the shoulders for extra warmth. It is constructed of a durable 85/15 wool blend, and was made in Pennsylvania about 25-30 years ago. $150

As always, if you have any questions about these goodies, or are interested in what else we may have knocking around the warehouse of our 63 year old store at North Station in Boston, Massachusetts please check out my Tumblr, or email me, and I’ll be happy to help you out. You can also order over the phone by calling (800) 362-8368. Thanks for looking, and remember, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!