Chippewa Apache Lacer Boots

You gotta hand it to Chippewa Boots. While just about every brand and their mother is claiming “Heritage” these days regardless of what their actual heritage may be, and pouring countless dollars and consultant hours into the cultivation of their American(a) persona, Chippewa continues to devote its time and money to the one thing that it always has: producing quality dress and work boots for a great price. There’s no sepia-toned website, no special “vintage” range, and no spit-take inducing mark-ups. Just affordable, rock-solid footwear. The co.’s 6″ and 8″ Apache Lacer Boots are handcrafted in the USA from full-grain Apache Bay leather, and feature a Goodyear welt and Vibram Stockbridge out-sole. Easily dressed up or down, thanks to their plain-toe and narrow toe-box, the boots are a great option for anyone looking for a little versatility in their winter footwear. Additional details include metal eyelets, contrast stitching, a removable metal flag on the laces and an embossed logo on the upper shaft.

For price and purchase info, visit Chuck’s Boots and Leathers.

  • J

    Well said, I feel the same way.

  • J

    Though the ad in the sidebar for the boutique “work style” boots is a funny contrast.

  • Bevan Frost

    I have owned these in the 6″ with the vibram waffle-stompin’ soles (not pictured) for about 3 weeks. They are soo perfect for my needs. The leather is well tanned and thick enough to last for a resole or two. After applying a little mink oil, they have become supple and water-resistant. With the waffle sole they are a perfect light mountain boot for hiking and climbing

    • Brad

      Sounds great. Enjoy ‘em.