Reigning Champ Recycled Fleece Crewneck

Every now and then I’ll come across an item that so perfectly encapsulates my own tastes and wants, I’m rendered tongue-tied (finger-knotted?). It’s not so much a lack of things to say, as it is too much to communicate at once (ie, where do I even start?). When this happens, I have found the most effective way for me to relay all that needs be said is to make a list, as my adrenalized state has left me no good for prose. So, with that, I give you my list of what’s great about the Reigning Champ Recycled Fleece Crewneck.

  1. Designed and manufactured in Canada by CYC Design, the same company that makes sweats for Engineered Garments and Supreme (among others)
  2. Made from a brawny 18 oz. 75% recycled cotton / 20% recycled polyester / 5% polyester fabric that is both environmentally-friendly and sumptuously soft
  3. Classic design details (raglan sleeves, v stitch at the neck, ribbed cuffs, hem and side-panels) and a slim fit
  4. Relatively affordable price for what it is (what it is being the Cadillac of sweatshirts)

You can understand why I opted for the list, right?

For price and purchase info, visit Haven.