LAYERxlayer Wayfarer Pack

Call it a corollary of the Heritage / Americana resurgence, or one (of the few) positive by-products to come from this seemingly never-ending recession, but more and more, consumers have begun placing a greater emphasis on the quality of the items they buy, and less and less, buying only for looks. While it has been a wonderful shift to behold, the increased demand for well-made goods has also resulted in a greater number of fallacious claims of “durability” and “enduring design” by manufacturers whose products are anything but. Thankfully, there are brands like New York’s LAYERxlayer to shine a light through the buzzword fog. Crafted one-at-a-time by hand from American-made denim and mil-grade cotton webbing, the company’s Wayfarer Pack comes with longevity guaranteed, not falsely promised. Details include beeswax dipped edges (to prevent fraying), metal rivets at key stress areas (for reinforcement), stainless steel hardware, and an adjustable (and ingenious) rope system on the exterior of the bag for extra portage.

Do note, that as each bag is made to order, turnaround takes between one and two weeks.

For price and purchase info, visit LAYERxlayer.