Dots Gloves

***** A number of readers have gotten in touch to let me know their orders were never received, and that despite repeated attempts, Dots has refused to provide any explanation. Order at your own risk. *****

Did it suddenly just get freezing where you live too? Seems like only yesterday I was dusting off my jean jacket in anticipation of fall, and already I’m feeling tempted to trade it in for down. If, like me, you’re once again finding yourself in need of full coverage, extremities and all, then you’ll understand (if not share in) my excitement about newbie accessory label Dots Gloves. Using only top quality British Merino lambswool, the label produces its entire range in the United States, and yet, thanks to the co. eliminating all middle-men and selling direct online, the gloves total in at a mere $15.50 per ($20.50 shipped). However, the real kicker about these (as if the price-point wasn’t enough), is that the gloves work with any touchscreen device, meaning no need to pocket your blessed iP-insert-vowel-d, or expose your bare hands, during a blustery morning commute. At present, there are five fetchingly understated colorways available directly from Dots. However, there is also a small (and more expensive) capsule collection at Opening Ceremony too, in case you are looking for something a bit… bolder.

For price and purchase info, visit Dots Gloves.

  • Suzanne May

    I ordered Dots Gloves in November. Customer service was horrible. I got an email stating they would arrive in time for Christmas. They were not with no follow-up communication. Finally I received them in January and they did not work! My friends all tried them and they didn’t work on any of our iphones or touch screens. Finally got reimbursement but the whole experience was awful. Buyer beware.

    • Angela

      Suzanne I’m still waiting for my refund too! HORRIBLE customer service! Since I ordered this has been an absolute nightmare! The gloves I received didn’t fit or work, terrible quality. I just hope I get all my money refunded to me.

  • Kerri

    I ordered mine the beginning of December, I got an email saying that they would be here for Christmas. I emailed and emailed and emailed without a reply. Finally I got an email saying they would be coming the in 2 weeks, that was over a month ago. I have started the email game with them again without any reply. There is no number for them, and no one replies to emails. Do not order from them.

  • Angela

    How long did it take people to get their money refunded? I returned my order over a week ago and still no word on when I will get my return!

  • Walter

    Writing about my experience with Dots Gloves makes me very angry. To keep my blood pressure within healthy limits, I will simply copy the letter I wrote in my PayPal claim (which has not been resolved):

    Hello Dots,

    I have tried on many occasions to email and call you, but there has been no response. The only contact I’ve had with you is a generic email and your robot voicemail.

    I placed an order for two pairs of gloves on 30-Nov-2010. D217 Coal Mens, and D217 Clay Mens. On 16-Dec-2010 I received an email from you indicating that the items were on back order and would not arrive in time for Christmas. The email gave me the option to cancel the order. I decided to retain the order despite having to find alternate gifts.

    Late January (or early February), a pair of gloves arrived in the mail (D217 Coal Mens) with a note indicating that the D217 Clay Mens were still on backorder. The note said that I had to specifically email Dots Gloves ( with the subject line: “Retain” and my invoice number, or the item would be refunded. I had chosen two pairs to offset the cost of shipping. I assumed the shipping cost would not get refunded, so I replied to retain my order.

    There was no confirmation that my email was received, and no answers to the phone number listed on the website.

    As for the pair of gloves that I did receive: They are defective. The fingers of the glove are extremely skinny and short (my pinky finger barely fits in the thumb) and the palms are extremely oversized. The distance from the base of the thumb to the knuckle is more than twice the size of a normal glove. These were the mens size (supposedly larger), and I have smaller than average hands.
    I will gladly send pictures to demonstrate the defects.

    There are instructions for returns on the website, but having not been able to get a hold of anyone from Dots, I am skeptical of paying the shipping cost to return an item to you.

    It is now March. Winter is almost over. I would like two pairs of proper fitting gloves, or I would like my money back.
    This is a seasonal product, and despite being three months after ordering, I hope this matter is addressed expeditiously.


  • Leask

    I ordered a pair of Dots Gloves on January 1, 2011. On January 11, I received an email update saying that my order would be delivered within three weeks. On February 9, I emailed requesting an update on my order status and never received a reply. On February 23, I received an update, not sent to me personally, explaining that the style of gloves I ordered (Mens, Bark) would be shipped by the end of the month. Today, (April 11), I emailed both the general info and order status email addresses requesting information, but both emails were undeliverable. Upon calling the phone number the site lists, I was greeted with a computerized voice recording requesting I email the (nonexistent) address with an order status request or leave a message after the beep.

    I am beginning to think I have been stolen from.

  • SouthpawByNW

    This company is a scam. I ordered mine in October of 2010 and never received them. They strung me along just long enough to be outside the Paypal refund period and now I am stuck. I have contacted the BBB, but since I doubt they are a member it really doesn’t do anything other than get filed away and forgotten. Do no purchase from this group as you will be ripped off and have frustration to keep you company.

  • LondonUK

    I have been tricked by this company as well. Ordered mine on Nov 2010 for christmas order, spent 60 bucks. Got an email from Chris@dotsgloves saying they would not arrive in time and could issue a refund.

    However, nothing has happened since and I have emailed his email again (multiple times) recently and it’s been deleted.

    so unfortunately, Dots Gloves is a scam.