Matt Shallenberger Bags

Ah, the unsolicited PR email, blessing and curse of the product blogger. On the one hand, they can lead to some great discoveries you most likely wouldn’t have made on your own. On the other, the product being pitched can be terrible, and / or have absolutely nothing to do with the kind of site you run (like a paraben laden leave-in conditioner for women – true story). Unfortunately, as most bloggers will attest, the latter scenario(s) tends to more often be the case, and so it’s not without some degree of trepidation that each subject line gets clicked – just how bad is it going to be? But, like I said, once in a blue moon something worthwhile does come through, and it’s that needle in the haystack that keeps you clicking, just in case. My most recent needle: the excellent new range of bags by Los Angeles based photographer Matt Shallenberger. Handmade by the designer from a mix of repurposed / upcycled materials and locally sourced hardware, the bags are built “with a focus on the durability of quality craftsmanship, and simple efficient design.” Styles include totes, flight bags, weekenders, briefcases, messengers, pouches, and sling-duffles (whew), and, just in case that’s not enough (you gluttons), customs orders are also available.

For price and purchase info, visit Matt Shallenberger’s Etsy Shop.