From the Tent City Archives, Vol. 2

By Jason McKenzie

Howdy folks! Welcome to the second installment of my excavations from the deadstock archives at Hilton’s Tent City. We had a tremendous response from the last post, and I hope to keep all you old school gear fanatics happy with this week’s incredible finds.

Carhartt Flannel. This is one of my favorite shirts that I’ve found in the store. I’ve had one for several months now, and couldn’t be more pleased. This shirt was made for Carhartt in the late 80’s by the Amalgamated Clothing and Textiles Workers Union, which was formed in 1976, and absorbed by the International Ladies Garment Workers’ Union in 1995. A mid-weight flannel, this stylish blue black plaid is the perfect layer when the crisp autumn begins to nip, and a rugged work shirt for day to day wear. Sizes: M and L. $39.00

Acorn Slipper Socks. These great hybrids are well known in the North Country, and have earned a place in history as the footwear that the astronauts wear to the moon – really! Often found just inside the door of a northern homestead, Acorns are symbolic of the transition from work to home life, and will afford their wearer with years of indoor comfort. Made in Lewiston, Maine, these slippers feature a heavy, full-grain leather bottom, padded insole, and cotton ragg upper. Tan, Size Lg, (10.5-11.5). $19.95

Alb, Inc. 60/40 parka. To be honest, I always liked the style, but had no idea how popular they were – especially on the burgeoning heritage market. The numbers refer to the fabric composition of the outer shell: 60% cotton, 40% nylon. This is one of my favorite designs, and it was made right here in Boston, Massachusetts. I have tried and tried, but can’t find any info on the company, and what ever happened to it. I’m currently working with the WL Gore company archivist (the makers of Gore Tex) to determine the exact age of this coat (Alb made lots of Gore Tex Jackets too), and I’d say it’s a safe guess that it’s somewhere around 30 years old. Features Raglan sleeves, deep, cinchable hood, and side/top access hand warmer pockets. Sizes: XS, S, L. Note on Fit: these run quite large. I wear an XS and am 5’8” 150 lbs. Large has a dark brown liner instead of off white. $79.00

Chippewa Diamond Jubilee Arctic Minus 50’s. The Chippewa Shoe Company began its long path back at the turn of the century, up in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, where they made end-all stompers for Heartland folk, as well as the 10th Mountain Division of the US Army. They were the boys charged with patrolling the Alps during WWII, and they required some pretty heavy gear when they were up there fighting for Lady Liberty. The Frankenboots were blocky, yet flexible, clodhoppers that could tramp up a mountainside sure as a Billygoat, and clamp down into bear trap cable ski bindings when it was time for a soldier to bomb down the mountain. These are a reissue of the famous 10th Mountain division boot, and feature the same thick, pile lining and square toe that made the original so indomitable. Full grain leather upper, Vibram nailed outsole, and removable felt insoles. Made in Missouri, circa 1979-1984. Sizes 11 and 11.5. $159.00

Outdoor Products X-Plorer Day Pack. ODP is the west coast’s answer to Eastpak, with tons of USA-made, heavy leather bottom styles to choose from. From school to trail, these bags are always in style. This iconic knapsack features a heavy suede bottom, Cordura upper, and padded back. The hollow-back front pocket will accommodate a U-lock, or any items that you’d like to keep handy in a pinch. The YKK zippered main compartment is 1590 cubic inches- easily enough for a day’s haul. Made in Los Angeles, California. Colors: Green, Blue, Red (all with natural color bottom) and Grey (with black bottom). $50.00

Headquarters Kelly Green 100% Wool Skully hat. Not much to say; never heard of the company, but heck, 100% wool, made in USA… sounds good to me! $10.00

You can see more detailed pictures of these finds, and all the other great stuff I’ve excavated from Hilton’s Tent City’s Archives, on Eggs & Wool. And, as always, if you see something you like, shoot me an email, and it can be yours. Thanks!

  • Chris

    Like the 60/40 mountain Parka, $79 shoot me a reply. How would you like payment.

    • Brad


      This post is a year old. Jackets are long gone. Sorry.

  • Chris


    Oh well. Thanks for the reply.

    They are good finds though.

    Also like the strange half sock half boots.

  • Erick

    How about that green wool hat? gone too?

  • subiono

    outdoor bag…how much?