Pendleton Eco-Wise Board Shirt

So here’s a pleasant surprise, it turns out that Pendleton, the fabled – and still thriving – American woolen mill, has a full range of environmentally-friendly products. Dubbed the “Eco-Wise” collection, the line-up is comprised of pieces made from sustainably harvested wool that’s been colored with non-toxic and biodegradable dyes (earning the items “Cradle to Cradle” certification from MBDC). Though not offering a lot for guys, what few E-W men’s items there are, are pretty great, and leading that pack is the Eco-Wise Board Shirt. A handsome and responsible update to a long-standing company staple, the E-WBS Shirt is assembled in Mexico from the brand’s own Umatilla fabric. Made in the company’s new slimmed-down “Vintage Fit” (narrower chest and shoulders, longer arms), the shirt comes in eleven different plaids, and features a square bottom, bias-cut pockets, and complete machine washability (not a real word, I know, but sounds like a pretty good selling point nonetheless, no?).

For price and purchase info, visit Pendleton.