Columbiaknit Bulky Knit Hats

As if the there wasn’t enough affordable American-made outerwear already on the CWAC homepage (what can I say, it’s starting to get cold out there!). The Bulky Knit Hats from Oregon’s venerable Columbiaknit are machine-spun in the USA from 100% cotton yarn. A nicely chunky alternative to the traditional wool (or acrylic – blech) watch cap, the hats come one-size-fits-all and are available in 25 different colors. However, even more double-take inducing than the hats’ crazy number of color options (I don’t think I could even name 25 different colors), is their rock-bottom-low price. Again, made in the USA from 100% cotton, and the head-toppers total in at a whopping – get ready for it – $3.99 per (no, I did not forget a digit), or 10 for $25.00. Suddenly, 25 colors doesn’t seem like enough, does it? Colorways are below, good luck settling on just one (then again, at $4 a pop, why would you even try?).

For price and purchase info, visit Columbiaknit.

  • yusaku tanaka

    Hello. I am Japanese. I want to buy the hat of columbiaknit. By what method can I buy it?

    • Brad

      Hi Yusaku,

      You can buy Columbiaknit hats directly from Columbiaknit by clicking on the link at the bottom of the post.

      You can also buy them from Archival Cothing (

      Hope that helps,