BreadandRoses2 Soft Accessories

There’s a lot to love about Ohio’s BreadandRoses2. The brainchild of textile artist / designer Diane Wilson, the company proffers scarves, pocket squares, and bandannas made from deadstock selvedge fabrics. Decades old, and almost all loomed in the US, the fabrics – including chambrays, hickory stripes and tartans – are culled from the artist’s own personal collection, which she has spent the better part of the last forty years amassing from thrift stores, estate sales, flea markets and various now defunct uniform and textile manufacturers. Painstakingly hand-finished, and stitched to last, each piece comes backed by Wilson’s lifetime’s worth of sewing experience, guaranteeing it for the long haul. Do note: because the fabrics used are finite in amount, items tend to be extremely limited. So, if you see something you like, better to pick it up sooner than later, because once it’s gone, it’s (usually) gone for good.

For price and purchase info, visit BreadandRoses2’s Etsy Shop.