Wings + Horns Moleskin Utility Pants

Funny how tastes change. As recently as a week ago, I would have sworn that you’d never catch me in a pair of slim fit cargo pants (or any other kind of cargo pant for that matter). Then, along come the Moleskin Utility Pants from Canada’s Wings + Horns, and just like that, I can’t think of a pair of bottoms I’d rather wear more. Painstakingly crafted in Japan from heavy-duty cotton moleskin, the MUPs are as rugged as they are refined, like a cocktail party in the Canadian tundra (which these would be perfect for, btw). Admittedly, they are a bit pricier than the usual CWAC fare, however, if you think of them more as a versatile pair of dress bottoms, and less as a casual pant that can be dressed up, the cost actually isn’t all that bad (relatively speaking). Two colorways are available (olive and black), and Roden Gray has ‘em both.

For price and purchase info, visit Roden Gray.