Teamwork Drifter Tote

There are two core tenets that guide the work of Michigan’s Teamwork. Number 1: sustainability is as much about being environmentally friendly, it is about making a product that is long-lasting and functional. And 2: never forget your roots. From design, to sourcing, to manufacturing, the brand carries out the entirety of its production in Grand Rapids, MI, hometown of the company’s founders. The bags, all of which are one of a kind, are made from used sailcloth and tractor tire tubes that the company gathers from in and around the area. By sticking to their two key principals, the team behind Teamwork are able to give back to the community that raised them, while simultaneously sharing a small piece of that community with each and every one of their customers. You gotta respect that.

Also of note: Teamwork offers a “sail for bag” trade program, so if you’re looking to unload any old sails, they’ll happily build you a bag out of your donation, free of charge.

For price and purchase info, visit Teamwork.