Folk AW10 Belts

On the subject of drool-inducing autumn accessories: Folk has just received its first shipment of AW10 belts, and they are beautiful. As the brand tells it, “All our belts are made from fabric from an age old Italian webbing supplier… After we get the webbing back here, it’s sent off to a factory in Northampton to handmake the belts. The leathers we use also come from Italy [and are] veg tanned rather than chrome dyed.” Works for me. So far, there are six styles for sale on the Folk site, but, a small handful more is apparently still on the way (as though it wasn’t already hard enough settling on just one). None of the belts have landed in the US yet, so no way to skirt the exchange rate / international shipping fees. But, if you’re feeling impatient, there are a few of last season’s offerings leftover at Hickorees (though not on sale, unfortunately).

Impatience in this situation is definitely understandable.

For price and purchase info visit Folk.