Pierrepont Hicks Autumn Bow Ties

Yet more reason to be hyped for fall: the Pierrepont Hicks AW10 bow tie collection is now available for pre-order. Comprised of an array of English wools and Italian silks, the entirely NYC-made collection further concretes the brand’s reputation as one of the best neckwear makers in the biz (and has furthered my shopping list for the season by at least 3 lines). In addition to a bevy of new models, PPH have also brought back some favorites from their inaugural collection (Reversible Field anyone?), meaning a second chance for any who may have slept on them the first time ’round. Also, did I mention that PPH is offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders placed before August 18th? Because that’s totally happening right now too.

While we’re on the subject of Pierrepont Hicks, a quick reminder that the PPH curated NorthernGRADE event is right around the corner, so make sure to plan accordingly (more on that here). I hope to see you there.

For price and purchase info, visit Pierrepont Hicks.