Glass Architect Recycled Portfolio Bag

The Recycled Portfolio Bag by Seattle based Glass Architect is a great example of upcycling done right. Crafted from locally sourced billboard mesh, the uniquely handsome carryall gives an attractive new purpose to the otherwise drab material, while still utilizing its hard-wearing industrial qualities. Versatile, durable, and weatherproof, the RPB’s features include rubberized canvas carpenter pockets and pen organizer, an adjustable shoulder strap and an industrial-strength YKK zipper, all of which is sewn together by hand in the United States.

A side project of the designer / maker behind the previously featured couture-to-order label MMH, Glass Architect is comprised mainly of samples and one-offs (ie, almost everything is one of a kind). Fortunately, if the bag has sold out, custom orders are available.

For price and purchase info, visit Glass Architect’s Etsy Shop.