Sunny Sports Organic Chambray Work Shirt

I usually try to stay within a pretty set price-range when deciding what to cover on the site. Namely, mine. Most often, if I can’t afford it, I don’t write about it (short of a few exceptions). At $200 (and that’s the sale price!), the Sunny Sports Organic Chambray Work Shirt from Brooklyn’s C.H.C.M. Shop would normally be one of those no-fly items. But, I’ve decided to go ahead feature it anyway. Why? For the same reason I would still visit an art gallery full of pieces I’ll never be able to own, or look at images of an exotic location I’ll never be able to visit. Between its details, construction and fit, there’s enough going on for me to appreciate the SSOCWS as more than just the shirt (that will never be) on my back. It’s an object of beauty; priced out of my reach, but not out of my liking.

Now, if they knocked another $50 off the price, then I’d scoop one of those mothers up in a heartbeat. HEART-effing-BEAT. But, since I’m pretty sure that won’t be happening, an object of beauty it stays.

For price and purchase info, visit C.H.C.M. Shop.