Archival Clothing Store

At long last, the Archival Clothing webstore has opened its virtual doors, and I’m happy to report that the wait was well worth it (not that that there was ever any worry that it wouldn’t be). Along with the full range of Archival Clothing bags (including the much loved Rucksack, aka the most blogged about pack of all time), the store also carries a small collection of AC-approved goods, such as handmade leather cuffs from BillyKirk, Naval tops and scarves from France’s Saint James, and exclusive totes from Chester Wallace and Steele Canvas. On top of all that, the store features an Our Finds section, in which proprietors Lesli Larson and Tom Bonamici discus some of their current favorite non-shop items, in case you ever wondered what the two people who most wish they could shop in the past are actually buying in the present (turns out, all things I want).

And while I realize that I have pretty good reason to be biased in their favor, I really do think Lesli and Tom have outdone themselves with this one, so head over to the AC webstore, and help me congratulate them on a job well done.