Carga Zero Wastage Collection

Architect Mauro Bianucci’s Carga Bags offer high design with a low impact. Believing how an item is made to be just as important as how it looks and functions, Bianucci continually explores new (sometimes unorthodox) assembly methods, in order to find the most streamlined and sustainable. With his latest range, the aptly titled ØW, or, Zero Wastage collection, Bianucci has successfully eliminated the cutting waste resultant from normal fabrication, by making each bag from a single piece of rubberized Corudra nylon. While similar to other Carga pieces in their design and utility, the three bags that comprise the ØW line-up represent a new eco-friendly notch in the brand’s manufacturing belt.

Like his previous efforts, the ØW bags are handcrafted in a family owned factory in Argentina, utilizing materials sourced from within the region. Features include veg-tanned leather accents, hand-riveted aluminum hardware and a retained raw fabric edge (which would normally wind up on the factory floor, but, is instead being utilized as the collection’s signature detail).

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