Gitman Vintage Organics at Inventory

Though it may seem a bit over-the-top to describe the release of a new shirting range as “momentous,” when discussing the just launched all-organic collection from Gitman Vintage, very few other words come to mind (“I” and “want” are pretty much the rest of the list). Designed in conjunction with the ever-tasteful fellows at Canada’s Inventory Magazine (but still produced in Gitman’s fabled Ashland, PA facility), the line is crafted from an array of Japanese organic cotton fabrics (two ginghams, two stripes), and finished with a handful of exclusive details, including red stitching on the back-of-the-collar button hole, side-gussets, a slightly trimmer cut, and a (just barely) higher price.

As the shirts are part of the on-going IM x GV collaboration, they can only be purchased from Inventory (either through their webstore, or at the their new brick and mortar location). However, a wide release of Gitman-only branded models (sans the aforementioned details) is planned for spring 2011. Whether or not I can hold out that long remains to be seen.

For price and purchase info, visit Inventory Stockroom.