Instead of Rent: (4th of) July Jollies

The moderately and (very) immoderately priced goods that I’d rather spend it on this month. Special 4th of July edition!

ICU Eyewear Eco-Friendly Classic Sunglasses
100% reclaimed / recycled lenses, frames, hinges and details
Responsibly made in Taiwan
Best Price: $28.90 (SHIPPED) at ICU Eyewear

What Knot Shop White Herringbone Sailor Bracelet
Hand-dyed cotton chord
Made in USA
Best Price: $11.50 (SHIPPED) at What Knot Shop’s Etsy Store

Bells Oberon
Brewed and bottled in Michigan
Don’t forget the slice of orange
Best Price: find a dealer here

Feelgoodz Woods Flip-Flops
100% natural rubber sole and strap, tapped from protected forests in Southern Thailand
Low-impact dye
100% recyclable and biodegradable
Dyed, molded and assembled in Southern Thailand
Member 1% for the Planet
B Corporation certified
TransFair USA certified
Best Price: $30.00 (SHIPPED) at Feelgoodz

Pachacuti Coffee Flecked Panama Hat
Organically grown Toquilla straw fibers, from a community owned plantation
Hand woven in Ecuador
World Fair Trade Organization certified
Best Price: ~ $76.00* (SHIPPED) at Pachacuti

*Price is listed in Pounds, so the exact cost will be dependent on the day’s exchange rates.

O’Connell’s Cotton Seersucker Swim Shorts
100% cotton
Made in USA
Best Price: $74.95 (SHIPPED) at O’Connell’s

Archival Clothing x Steele Canvas Basket Tote
24 oz. undyed cotton canvas
Made in USA
Best Price: $65.00 (PRE-SHIPPING) at Archival Clothing

Have a great holiday weekend!