dutzi design White Raphia Tote

Speaking of intrinsically summery items, I’d say the White Raphia Tote by dutzi design is just about as of the season as it gets. A great beach or city carry-all, the bag is made from repurposed plastic grain sacks (think those indestructible blue IKEA bags), and finished with handwoven polyester handles. In addition to giving a second life to the discarded sacks, the bag also provides much needed work for residents of Mexico’s Yucatan region. Striving to empower its employees, dutzi dictates that its workers need only stop by the company-owned workshop for training and to gather materials. After that, they’re free to work from home, and are paid on a per-bag basis, meaning they have full control over how often they work, and how much they earn (sounds pretty good to me). dutzi should have a webshop up within the month. In the meantime, they’re happy to take orders by email.