Want Les Essentiels De La Vie Mirabel Tote

Striving to “achieve unity through contrast,” Canadian eco-luxists Want Les Essentiels De La Vie make classic goods for a modern world. Crafted using only premium-grade materials, and skilled artisan labor, the brand’s elegantly styled men’s accessories are designed and built to withstand all that their owners can throw at them, for as long as they’re around to throw it. The Mirabel Tote is made from Turkish organic cotton and vegetable-tanned Norwegian leather. An every-day bag, with a just-in-case design, the tote comes equipped with button snaps to keep it rolled-up for easy portage (making it ideal for travel), and features an interior lap-top sleeve and the company’s signature contrast gold and silver zipper. New York’s Opening Ceremony currently has two colorways, including a bright red for the firebrands and a subdued brown for the rest of us.

For price and purchase info, visit Opening Ceremony.

  • jj

    Where I can get one in GTA?