mau Reversible Coat with Hood

Though touted as “conceptual” clothing, the all Tyvek “post industrial folk wear” collection by mau is as wearable as it is tastefully rendered. Designed by NY based artist Marian Schoettle, the unisex outerwear and bags that comprise the range maintain an easy approachability, despite their almost installation-esque quality, thanks largely to the pieces’ overall simplicity. The ReversibleCoat with Hood is made from domestically sourced hard structure Tyvek that has been processed and softened by the artist for a more natural, cloth-like drape. Weatherproof, machine washable and 100% recyclable, the exceedingly durable RCWH harnesses Tyvek’s best features, while giving the industrial textile a new and attractive purpose.

For price and purchase info, visit Mau.