An accessory brand and philanthropic venture rolled into one, California’s FIGS produces ties that look good and do good. Operating under the motto ‘100% Awesome,’ the company uses profits from the sales of its handsomely styled neck wear to help kids in developing nations get an education. As it turns out, many of the world’s impoverished children are unable to attend schools in their regions, because they cannot afford the attire required by the exceptionally strict dress-codes. To combat this, FIGS, through its Threads for Threads program, donates a school uniform for every tie sold, providing those kids an opportunity to receive the education they would otherwise be denied.

All FIGS ties are hand-tailored in the US by expert tie-makers. The current collection, which is also the brand’s first, is comprised of eight fabrics (all of which are of European origin), and includes both bow and classic styles. In addition to the collection pieces, the company also offers a custom service, through which you can design your own tie(s), while still treating an underprivileged child to a much needed uniform. 100% awesome indeed.

For price and purchase info, visit FIGS.

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